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Soils at Guelph is an effort to increase awareness of research initiatives, facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange among stakeholders, and to educate on the importance of soil health.

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February 24, 2020

Measuring soil health improvements with cover crops in vegetable production

I Chahal, and LL Van Eerd. 2019. Quantifying soil quality in a horticultural-cover cropping system. …

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December 20, 2019

Field of cover crops

A year in review

There’s less and less margin in our world these days. Running from one meeting to …

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Recent Projects

Quantifying Structural Stability of Agricultural Soils in Ontario

Soil compaction and surface crusting degrade soil structure, reducing aeration and root penetration, and ultimately impacting crop performance. With the trend towards larger farms, more massive equipment and increasing unpredictability of climate, the …


Long Term Field Trials To Examine Yield, Soil Productivity, And Environmental Impacts Of Ontario Corn, Soybean And Wheat Production Systems

Using the long-term rotation experiment near Elora, ON (established 1980) to study the impacts of tillage and diversity of crop rotations on a number of agri-environmental factors.


Ecosystem Services From Streamside Buffers

Studying the impact of trees on carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.


Recent Publications

Separating the effect of crop from herbicide on soil microbial communities in glyphosate-resistant corn

Increased nitrogen retention by cover crops: implications of planting date on soil and plant nitrogen dynamics

Increasing crop diversity mitigates weather variations and improves yield stability

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