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Soils at Guelph is an effort to increase awareness of research initiatives, facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange among stakeholders, and to educate on the importance of soil health. 

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January 27, 2021

Focus on continuous living cover, not adding more crops to rotation, to see soil carbon gains

Alison King, Katelyn Congreves, Bill Deen, Kari Dunfield, Myna Simpson, Paul Voroney, and Claudia Wagner-Riddle. …

January 4, 2021

Tillage, crop rotation, and their effects on soil health

Laura Van Eerd, Katelyn Congreves, Adam Hayes, Anne Verhallen, and David Hooker. 2014. Long-term tillage …

December 17, 2020

Finding the right fungus

Originally posted in Farmtario: Do you have fungus? Your fields certainly do, though the …

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Recent Projects

The Soil Microbiome: Linking Soil Biodiversity to Soil Health and Ecosystem Services

Understanding the microbial world in the soil is key to finding sustainable agricultural practices that work to protect the environment. Using a unique approach that combines the disciplines of soil science and molecular biology, we are able to quantif …


Precision Agronomy Cover Crops by Soil Type and their Soil Health Footprint

Agricultural research has been known for carrying out studies on small plots. The arrival of precision ag technologies potentially allows rigorous, replicated studies to scale up to cover whole farm fields, spanning multiple soil types and landscape po …


Improving Cover Crop Management: Cover Crop Mixtures With Different Termination Methods

Integration and management of cover crops is challenging due to the immediate time and cost constraints while potential benefits may be long-term. Adjusting cover crop production methods may balance these challenges while meeting producer goals. But th …


Recent Publications

Long-term tillage and crop rotation effects on soil quality, organic carbon, and total nitrogen

Soil organic carbon content: Decreases partly attributed to dilution by increased depth of cultivation in southern Ontario

Researchers analyzed soil organic carbon contents and depths of Ap horizons (i.e., cultivated topsoil) from Ontario soil survey reports from 1950 to 2019.

Legume Cover Crop Management on Nitrogen Dynamics and Yield in grain corn systems