Field of cover crops

There’s less and less margin in our world these days. Running from one meeting to the next, plowing up to the river’s edge. Humanity and humus both hard-pressed for rest.

This is part of the reason why I appreciate winter – especially our Canadian ones – more and more with every passing year. I’m glad that if no one else does, at least the seasons still invite us to rest. It’s as though the earth says, “Freeze! Enough for now!”

Twelve months ago the donation that started this whole initiative was announced. Since then we’ve hosted over 300 people on tours through the Soil Health Interpretive Centre at Elora; held an open-house for the Soils at Guelph launch in September; completed a 5-part radio miniseries, “Talk Dirty To Me“; been featured at farm shows, Soil & Crop meetings, and in over a dozen news articles; co-hosted public lectures and research symposiums on soil sustainable management; and launched a website and promotional video for the initiative.

The more I learn about soil, the more I appreciate that rest is not the same as being inactive. Reducing tillage, returning crop residues, leaving roots in the soil all year round – all these practices support a frenzy of biological activity that rests the soil. Leaving a little more margin in these ways may be what allows our farms to be sustainable.

From those of us with the SOILS AT GUELPH initiative, we hope you’re able to accept the invitation to rest this holiday season. And with that: Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! See you in the new year!

Stay grounded.

Cam Ogilvie
Outreach and Communications Coordinator


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