Case Studies

We all learn differently.  Do you learn by blending information from the field with information that you can get from books or other written materials?  Then a Research Case Study might be just what you need!  
This series of 4 case studies includes an exploration of the following topics: Soil Health, Soil Biology, Soil and Carbon and Soil and Nitrogen.  They feature 4 farmers from across Ontario who have looked long and hard at one of the topics.  Each topic also explores the underlying scientific concepts using diagrams, reference to the state of Ontario research, and orients the reader for what they might do next on the farm or beyond.
Scroll down to read the 4 articles first published in the Ontario Farmer. They are based on the case studies. 

Soil Health

Soil Biology and Agriculture

Soil Carbon

Using and Losing Soil Nitrogen in Agriculture

Articles from the Ontario Farmer

So now I have to consider if my dirt is healthy?

The Nitty Gritty on soil biology

Soil carbon and Christmas stockings

The nitrogen hangover – ‘tis the season to take stock