Corporate help for soil health is on its way

The importance of healthy soils is attracting the attention of newer private sector partners.  Corporate interest in sustainable agricultural practices has grown in recent years, along with money to back it.

Why it matters: Food manufacturers say they want agriculture to use more sustainable practices and are helping the industry achieve those goals.

In March 2023, PepsiCo made a $216 million, multi-year pledge to study long-term practices geared to improving soil health, largely through regenerative measures. The money was to be split equally among three U.S.-based farm organizations: the Practical Farmers of Iowa, Soil and Water Outcomes Fund and the Illinois Corn Growers Association.

In late November last year, PepsiCo announced an additional $30 million to support nearly 40 agricultural projects in Australia, Colombia, Egypt and the U.K. Soil health was one of three pillars under that program.

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