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Our soil scientists have been in the news lately! Find out what they’re up to in the articles listed below:

Study shows added benefits of wheat in rotation

By Jennifer Glenney, Farmtario
Featuring Dr. David Hooker

As a farmer, I want my income to be as stable as possible. I don’t want fluctuation from one year to the next.

The next step for cover crops

By Stew Slater, Farmtario
Featuring Dr. Laura Van Eerd

Recommendations are pretty easy. Get a cover crop in when you can.

Research ramps up on soil biodiversity and health

By Julienne Isaacs, Top Crop Manager
Featuring Drs. Kari Dunfield and Adam Gillespie

Innovative cover crop approaches

By Mary Feldskov, Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine
Featuring Drs. Laura Van Eerd and Joshua Nasielski

Cover cropping has made farming fun again. It’s seeing new things, thinking about new ways and new approaches, and that approach is challenging but it’s fun.

Carbon sequestration and agricultural land uses

By Cam Ford, Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance
Featuring Dr. Susantha Jayasundara

Digging into our knowledge of the living soil

By Jackie Clark, Better Farming, March 2020, pg 12-19
Featuring Dr. Kari Dunfield

Most of the things we think of the soil doing are actually done by microbes.

Using glyphosate wisely

By Matt McIntosh, Farmtario
Featuring Dr. Kari Dunfield

I think we also need to put it into perspective with other agricultural practices, like what is tillage doing to these organisms?

Juicy new approaches in cover cropping

By Julienne Isaacs, Fruit & Vegetable Magazine
Featuring Dr. Laura Van Eerd

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