Necessity is the mother of…innovation?

Mat of green, crimped cereal rye mulch
Photo: Cameron Ogilvie

If your experience has been similar to mine, you’ve noticed a recent shift in your vocabulary. “Unprecedented”, “pivot”, “new normal” are now sprinkled in conversation. It’s a lot of forced change all at once.

Few people like being in the squeeze, but pressure is the process for making diamonds.

I didn’t anticipate becoming a videographer in this job. I loved making home videos as a child but never pursued that career path. In the past four months I’ve shot four video interviews, and I have several more lined up for the fall. I love creating and telling stories, and this season has forced me to explore that (though I still wouldn’t call myself a videographer).

Agricultural innovations are no different. A shifting climate, high land prices, increasing load on the environment – many see these as the problems.

Innovators see them as invitations.

As you take further steps into your own “new normal” this fall, I end by sharing with you the inviting words of Ms. Frizzle,

Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!

(but don’t forget to) Stay grounded.

Cam Ogilvie
Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator

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