NEW! Resources for Ontario from the Midwest Cover Crop Council

Field of fall rye following silage corn
Rye on May 2, 2019, drilled the previous fall after corn silage at the Elora Crops Research Station (Photo: Jake Munroe)

We are pleased to announce two new resources for Ontario farmers from the Midwest Cover Crop Council!

First up: a new-and-improved Cover Crop Decision Tool. Building off the old decision tool, this web-based app allows you to pick cover crops that suit your region and cropping system. Also available is the option to select cover crops based on your management goals, from “Erosion Fighter” to “Good Grazing” to “Nitrogen Scavenging.” As harvest time nears, tap into this handy tool and keep those soils covered!

Complementing the Decision Tool, OMAFRA Specialists and University of Guelph Researchers have put together a recipe for planting a fall rye cover crop after silage corn, heading into soybean the following year. If you’re new to cover crops, this document will get you started on how to incorporate one into your cropping system.

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