Figure showing the connection between plants, soil, and the microbiome for phytostimulation, nutrient acquisition, disease suppression, herbivore resistance, and abiotic stress tolerance

The soil-plant-microbe dance

Micaela Tosi, Eduardo Kovalski Mitter, Jonathan Gaiero, and Kari Dunfield. 2020. It takes three to tango: the importance of microbes, host plant and soil management to elucidate

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Group of scientists having a conversation

Making headlines!

Our soil scientists have been in the news lately! Find out what they’re up to in the articles listed below: Study shows added benefits of

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The Soil Health Interpretive Centre in Elora is a state-of-the-art #soilhealth monitoring station. Have your group book a virtual event with us to discover the #research! (Ask and we can arrange for CEU credits)

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This year marks the 40th anniversary of the #rotation/#tillage exp in Elora, and 25th anniversary @RidgetownCampus.

What have we learned after 65 yrs of #research? "THE PENALTY OF POOR ROTATION" -

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This is most relevant these days. Crop rotation efx are highest in hot/dry yrs (like 2020?) both Rtown and Elora long-term trials. In this figure for example @RidgetownCampus, in hot/dry years, corn in CSW rotn strip-till yielded ⬆️33% than continuous corn; C-S yielded 22% ⬆️.

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