Aiming Higher: Soils Impact People

Soil Health Assessment gets a Boost

Soils At Guelph awarded $2 M grant from Weston Family Foundation to enrich soil health on agricultural lands. The new five-year soil health project called Aiming High: Soils Impact People,

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Soil for Life logo. Horizontal stripes of blue, green, brown, and dark brown with Green leaves ontop

Introducing Soil For Life

We all know soil health is important. The topics of soil health and sustainable soil management are increasingly part of the conversation within agriculture. Soil For Life is an initiative to provide a framework for these discussions, help make sense of best management practices, and make a lasting impact on the health of our soil

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Farmer talking to a researcher inside a utility vehicle

A call for connection

When I started in my role with SOILS AT GUELPH, someone gave me Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why. Sinek’s whole thesis is that “people don’t buy WHAT you do,

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Cooking with covers theme slide

Recipes for success with cover crops

In collaboration with the Midwest Cover Crops Council, SOILS AT GUELPH has launched the first installment of a 3-part miniseries called Cooking With Covers. The series explores three keys to success with cover crops, the first being: KEEP IT SIMPLE.

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tractor spreading liquid manure on a green field

Past management impacts phosphorus availability

The corn-soybean rotation is the dominant cropping system on farmland throughout central Canada and the midwestern United States. However, long-term research shows that this rotation has lower crop yields, soil quality, resilience to climate change, and profitability.

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