Aerial view of crop rotation research plots

Crop rotation diversity improves yield resilience

The warming of the earth’s climate and an increasing global population is presenting enormous challenges for the agricultural industry to increase food production. More frequent extreme weather events caused by climate change, such as drought, are problematic for the Northern Corn Belt, where simple two-crop rotations of corn and soybean are common.

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Virtual adventures

Wow! What a busy start to 2021! With the Midwest Cover Crop Council Conference wrapping up in late February and gearing up for planting season,

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Finding the right fungus

Originally posted in Farmtario: Do you have fungus? Your fields certainly do, though the varieties vary based on several factors. While tillage levels, rotational

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Field of cover crops after tomato harvest

The economics of cover crops

The impact of cover crops on profit margins is a long-contested subject, but new data from the University of Guelph shows some clear winners and losers.

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Hey #OntAg, join us on February 8th for an action packed Annual General Meeting with three exciting panels on Grazing Cover Crops, Soil Carbon Sequestration and Efficiency in Fertilizer Use. Register here:

Careers at U of G: Knowledge Mobilization and Communications Coordinator, School of Environmental Sciences

This role is responsible for developing and executing communications, creating and delivering educational resources, and promoting Soils At Guelph.

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