Finding the right fungus

Originally posted in Farmtario: Do you have fungus? Your fields certainly do, though the varieties vary based on several factors. While tillage levels, rotational

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Field of cover crops after tomato harvest

The economics of cover crops

The impact of cover crops on profit margins is a long-contested subject, but new data from the University of Guelph shows some clear winners and losers.

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Great day to be learning about #soil #carbon and biomass crop breeding with Naresh Thevathasan @UofG_SES and REAP Canada! Amazing breeding success, improved varieties for "less than best" land. Switchgrass is now a viable field crop and improves #soilhealth!

#UofG #LetsTalkSoil

Thanks to @SenatorRobBlack for inspiring our students to care about soil health and a future in Ag. Great virtual visit today. Let’s support all those farmers working to improve their soil and equip the next generation to do the same. #ontag #SoilHealth @WellFedAg @SoilsAtGuelph

"When you reduce your N rate in dry years, the cost savings on N fertilizer are large enough to cover the cost of custom application of split-apps and then some." @JoshNasielski

Great research on benefits of split #nitrogen applications! #4R #ontag

Hey #OntAg - you've seen that rain in the forecast and won't be on a combine tomorrow, why not join us @israel_brett's for an #ONFARM tailgate tour! We'll be looking at his interseeded cover crop and there is still time to register! 2PM Oct 14

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