Field of cover crops after tomato harvest

The economics of cover crops

The impact of cover crops on profit margins is a long-contested subject, but new data from the University of Guelph shows some clear winners and losers.

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❔ Can #covercrops release phosphorus over the winter?
🅰️ If they winter-kill, YES
❔ Are they a risk to water quality?
🅰️ Not in #ontag. Soil erosion is a greater cause of P loss.

Read our summary of 2 studies by @merrinm and @LauraVanEerd

With the right management, we can improve farm productivity and curb the effects of climate change. #LetsTalkCarbon!

New video feat @UofG_SES Prof @AGillespieSoil and grad student @BradleyRobin_ with @israel_brett @SoilNetwork!

#UofG #ImproveSoil

ICYMI, brush up on how #covercrops help us maximize manure benefits, manage weeds, and make forage! #ontag

Three recordings from the Cover Crop Webinar series we hosted in collaboration with @GrainFarmers, @OntarioSoilCrop, and the @OMAFRA #soils team.

Got plans for your field after #wheat comes off? How about a simple, low-risk cover crop mix? We've got you covered! 👍

Check out the new recipe on our website for planting an oat-radish mix after wheat harvest! @CoverCropsMCCC #CoverUp #ontag

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