Figure showing the connection between plants, soil, and the microbiome for phytostimulation, nutrient acquisition, disease suppression, herbivore resistance, and abiotic stress tolerance

The soil-plant-microbe dance

Micaela Tosi, Eduardo Kovalski Mitter, Jonathan Gaiero, and Kari Dunfield. 2020. It takes three to tango: the importance of microbes, host plant and soil management to elucidate

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Group of scientists having a conversation

Making headlines!

Our soil scientists have been in the news lately! Find out what they’re up to in the articles listed below: Study shows added benefits of

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"Goods & services that soils provide are essential to our local and global communities... Researchers & Ontario farmers are adapting their practices to study & support" healthy soils.🌎
Check out this video by @SoilsAtGuelph, Sustaining the Living Soil!🌱

Lysimeters are tools used by researchers that help them to study the soil.
They help to measure the impact of crop rotations and cover crops on the soil ecosystem. ☘️🌱
Check out this video, Learning From Soil With Lysimeters, by @SoilsatGuelph at

The @AgMuseum, @IngeniumCa, & @GlacierFarmedia announced a new partnership to unleash the Soil Superheroes. Congratulations to those involved in this important initiative. I’m looking forward to visiting the #SoilSuperheroes exhibition in person in Ottawa when it's safe to do so.

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