SOILs are being studied by Researchers in many disciplines across the University of Guelph. Below is a list of researchers in the School of Environmental Sciences (SES).  Stay tuned as we update this list to include more SOILs researchers and those found in Food, Agriculture and Resource Economics (FARE), Geography, Environment and Geomatics, Plant Agriculture, and the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development (SEDRD). 

Name: Post featured image Area of Expertise
Kari Dunfield
Greenhouse Gases,Nutrient Cycling,Phosphorus Solubilization,Soil Biology,Soil Health,Soil Microbiology
Laura Van Eerd
Carbon Sequestration,Cover crops,Nutrient Cycling,Organic Matter,Soil Chemistry,Soil Health,Soil Organic Carbon
Agroforestry,Biomass Crops,Carbon Sequestration,Greenhouse Gases,Organic Matter,Soil Health,Soil Organic Carbon,Soil Water
Carbon Sequestration,Greenhouse Gases,Manure,Methane,Nitrous Oxide,Nutrient Cycling,Organic Matter,Phosphorus Solubilization,Soil Chemistry,Soil Fertility,Soil Health,Soil Organic Carbon,Sulfur
Carbon Sequestration,Nutrient Cycling,Organic Matter,Phosphorus Solubilization,Soil Biology,Soil Chemistry,Soil Health,Soil Microbiology,Soil Organic Carbon
Digital Agriculture,Greenhouse Gases,Organic Matter,Remote Sensing,Soil Health,Soil Organic Carbon,Soil Sensors,Soil Water
Claudia Wagner-Riddle
Agrometeorology,Carbon Sequestration,Greenhouse Gases,Methane,Nitrous Oxide,Soil Health,Soil Organic Carbon,Soil Water
Carbon Sequestration,Organic Matter,Soil Classification,Soil Compaction,Soil Organic Carbon,Soil Structure,Soil Water,X-Ray Soil Scanning
Biochar,Carbon Sequestration,Microplastics,Organic Matter,Soil Chemistry,Soil Fertility,Soil Health,Soil Organic Carbon