Adam Gillespie

My research focuses on soil organic matter and soil health. Soil organic matter is widely recognized as an integral part of sustainable agriculture, soil health and ecosystem resilience. It is critical for soil function, providing a source of nutrients, substrates and energy for the microbial population.  My research program is one which examines land use and ecosystem influences on soil organic matter (SOM) dynamics and their relationship with soil fertility and carbon cycling in both the lab and field settings. I believe very strongly in the need to translate innovative research into practice. I am eager to take on graduate students and form a core, collaborative research team.




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POP QUIZ: What agricultural management practice can save up to 30% of your #soybean yield during a dry spell?

ANSWER: Crop rotation!

Explore our #CropRotationCounts infographics for more results from 65 yrs of #UofG research:


Changing fall colours at the field site in Elora – one side soybeans, the other a cover crop. CO2 uptake is measured in each of these plots, we see the switch from soybean uptake to cover crop uptake through the fall.

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