Kari Dunfield

Kari Dunfield

Kari is Canada’s Research Chair in Environmental Microbiology of Agro-ecosystems and one of Canada’s premier scientists working at the intersection of microbiology, ecology and soil science.




Congratulations to @linseyvankoppen for defending her MSc today, looking at variability in microbial communities associated with freeze thaw at the field scale. Special thanks to @JackieGoordial and @KateCongreves for serving as examiners and @UoGAgMet for collaboration.

Just reminding this, “We are here because of the Microbes & not vice-versa,” brings huge respect for the Microbial life. 🙏 @cwrice @karidunfield @marie_kroeger @VLBRod @KPolain @PlasticBacteria
Day 22 #100DaysofSaveSoil 🇧🇪
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Conscious Planet #SaveSoil@cpsavesoil

The Most Important Life on the Planet
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