Kari Dunfield

Kari Dunfield

Kari is Canada’s Research Chair in Environmental Microbiology of Agro-ecosystems and one of Canada’s premier scientists working at the intersection of microbiology, ecology and soil science.




Awesome first conference talk by MSc student Alexis De Laronde, talking about soil diversity and cover crops! ⁦@UofG_SES⁩ ⁦@csm_scm2022⁩

Hey, we know her! 😀👋 That’s LOC co-chair @CMKhursigara (on screen) and LOC co-chair @karidunfield, who (along with @yostlab) is the co-EIC of our Canadian Journal of #Microbiology. Come by Booth 16 today and tomorrow to say hi and learn more about our journal! @csm_scm2022 https://twitter.com/csm_scm2022/status/1541188447469293569

CSM_SCM2022 @csm_scm2022

The keynote kicks off with an address with LOC chairs @CMKhursigara and @karidunfield

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