SPECIAL EPISODE – Regenerative Agriculture at General Mills: The Way Forward

Learn why food companies are investing in regenerative agriculture in this special episode recorded at a public lecture held back in September, 2019. Hosted by the SOILS AT GUELPH initiative of the University of Guelph, the CREATE-Climate Smart Soils graduate program, and Grain Farmers of Ontario, “Regenerative Agriculture at General Mills: The Way Forward” features speaker Steve Rosenzweig, a soil scientist at General Mills where he leads research and outreach programs across North America to support farmers in improving soil health. Rosenzweig’s talk was followed by a panel discussion with Dan Petker, a farmer from Norfolk County; Anne Loeffler, a conservation specialist with Grand River Conservation Authority; Jim Barkley, an agronomist with Hensall District Co-op; and Paul Johnston, the farm products manager at Thompson’s Limited. The panel was moderated by Mike Buttenham of Grain Farmers of Ontario. 

Click here for the episode transcript.

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