View of the crop rotation experimental plots at the Elora Crops Research Centre

Lasting impact: The penalty of poor rotation

First published in Farmtario: This article is part one of a three-part series highlighting lessons learned from two long-term crop rotation experiments at the

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Figure showing the connection between plants, soil, and the microbiome for phytostimulation, nutrient acquisition, disease suppression, herbivore resistance, and abiotic stress tolerance

The soil-plant-microbe dance

Micaela Tosi, Eduardo Kovalski Mitter, Jonathan Gaiero, and Kari Dunfield. 2020. It takes three to tango: the importance of microbes, host plant and soil management to elucidate

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Group of scientists having a conversation

Making headlines!

Our soil scientists have been in the news lately! Find out what they’re up to in the articles listed below: Study shows added benefits of

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Ibrahim Mohammed is an international PhD candidate in environmental sciences. He is passionate about soil science and finding a sustainable solution for food production! @UofG_SES @SoilsAtGuelph

Learn more about his research below. #WorldSoilDay

"With improved soil health, we have an agricultural system...that is more resilient to climate change." #WorldSoilDay2022

Cover crops help feed soil microbes, which improves soil health in the long run. Check out @SoilsAtGuelph's Cover Crop Recipes

95% of the food we eat comes from our #soils.

But there are so many more reasons why we need to cherish the ground beneath our feet...

#WorldSoilDay #Soils4Nutrition

Today is #WorldSoilDay. Soil health is important for ecologically diverse & resilient landscapes. The $10M Weston Family Soil Health Initiative aims to expand the adoption of soil improving management practices on agricultural lands across Canada. Grant announcements coming soon!

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