Field of cover crops

A year in review

There’s less and less margin in our world these days. Running from one meeting to the next, plowing up to the river’s edge. Humanity and

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Cameron speaking at the Soils at Guelph launch in September 2019


We’re glad you’ve found your way to our new website and encourage you to browse around. Over the coming months we’ll be adding People, Projects,

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It's almost the weekend! Have a laugh with this sneak peak at our upcoming miniseries, #CookingWithCovers! Featuring agronomists and farmers from across #ontag, this comedic take on #CoverCrops drives home the key messages to SUCCESS💪🏆🏅

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"It’s not a simple thing to look at a 2,000-acre grain operation and say, 'let’s incorporate cover crops.'"

New article feat #ontag farmer @farmerstrang and #UofG @RidgetownCampus prof Richard Vyn on the complexity of adopting #covercrops

I wish there was more of this!Majority of erosion occurs in the fall and spring. Worked soybean ground has 0% cover. Some risk with early frost but I expect good success in SW ON. Minimal expense. Even if we get 4” top like wheat. Blend with fert = no extra time when busy.

Josh Boersen@JoshBoersen

Less is very often more with #cover crops. 30 lbs Oats broadcast with light incorporation after manure.

We planted these mid september and they are already as thick as we'd like to have going into winter.

NEW! study summary from @karidunfield lab in collab with @soilecologyUMan: A case of how past soil management can lead to luxury phosphorus uptake, comparing #manure/#fertilizer use efficiency. Have a read ⤵️

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